@jylt re: comfort the vertical length between pedal and seat can be adjusted but much harder to adjust horizontal length between seat and handlebar -- i think that's the more important distance to feel check when test riding <3

@jylt def recommend trying to buy used, road bikes are light and elegant but also less comfortable than hybrids or mountain bikes, so depends on how you plan on riding your bike and how much

Putting my smelliest, spiciest greasiest curry into my Supreme brand Thermos and destroying its resale value is pure ideology.

"we assume that fiscal policy is represented by an intertemporal sequence of unproductive government expenditures, g" (mendoza + tesar, 1998) u and me both my friends

why write my thesis, which is due in a month, when i can bootstrap all of my regressions, learn about computer architecture, read a new book, revisit all my combinatorics problem sets, and start a new game savefile instead


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why do programmers suck so much that one of the community guidelines for the Julia language is not to sexualise the G O D D A M N language just because it has a female name HELP

...how are foo and bar the canonical stand-in variable names when they come from FUBAR?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

professional dress is a whole bag of worms i didnt anticipate and now i understand the point of mfa to begin with WHAT BAG DO I CARRY WITH MY SUIT AS A WOMAN FOR INTERVIEWS

bought something that has a no refund policy but they only tell you that after you try to return it
doesn’t say anywhere on the site or during checkout
frustrating ):

will someone just hire me to do yoga and volunteer work all day

i dont care if hes ugly he has such a big nostalgia bias in my heart pls

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