saw a guy biking in the bike lane but against traffic no-handed (hands were being used to alternately dance or flip off traffic)

womens spoilers 

van vleuten is a beast its unfair

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its mostly road rash and i am mostly ok thanks to the awesome urgent care folks but goddamn does day 2 ache like a mofo

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careful on your bikes folks, don't take corners too fast & have to choose between gravel wipeout & overshooting onto a 60mph highway

serving size: 1/2 burrito who the fuck is eating half a trader Joe's burrito?

ha some dumbass dragonfly just flew into my window. what a clown!

shoutout mirrors i almost lost my sunglasses

got some mf'ing birds chirping. Mondays ok after all.

god help me i just typed "sick mode" into spotify. i'm going to bed...

this is why headline writers take classes: so cars with arms don't jack off a mountain

bandcamp day whoops look at that money go out the door!

im gonna be the only loser who comes out of the coronavirus without the ability to do a handstand and/or one-handed pushup

@belateral how many of these stairwell author names are just made up

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