u know that person u tried to arrange a date w from a dating app but were unsuccessful despite ur best efforts? mine regularly appears on my twitter tl because she's always getting RT'ed by the Economist. last I heard from our mutual friend she'd moved to singapore. this is my horny quar tweet.

depressed that caroline calloway got into berghain. not because I'm envious. I also got into berghain. but still.

thinking about how last night I met someone who recognised me from an art cinema event 6 months ago, told me he was addicted to methamphetamines for several years, got my phone number and tried to text me but it wasn't going through, and then proceeded to give me his card which lists his career as "Art Technician." I think we may be living in different timelines that crossed over for one evening.

also obviously on a more serious note: WWW are in the prime position to question/reject normative beauty standards and be minimally "punished" for doing so. by punished I mean not receiving as many benefits. everyone should, of course, feel free to reject normative beauty standards but it is, of course, understandable that someone in a precarious financial position might not do so.

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like really you have all that privilege and you're gonna throw it away so seb will redacted you? ok, pass.

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I resent any wealthy white woman who tries to look normatively beautiful and I think I'm justified in doing so.

there's a trend particularly among millennial women to talk about how much they dread going out and how relieved they are when someone cancels on them and to these women I say: GET BETTER FRIENDS

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every writer for manrepeller seems to be really intent on emphasising how uncool she is. it's truly baffling.

now includes packages being shipped FROM me as well

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if u ever catch me staring off into space there's like a 50% chance I'm thinking about how a friend I one redacted with told me he once came out of a strip club missing several grand and no recollection of what happened.

the diy punk vegan cafe. posters on the wall, menu on a chalkboard or old laminated menus, lotta people with gauges, no matching furniture, melted fake cheese on everything.

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the hot pink vegan eatery. neon signs, kale, , uncomfortable chairs, "the camera eats first"

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I have some time before my next meeting. let's discuss the variety of bad vegan eatery vibes

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cannot think of a single vegan eatery with good vibes

really stressed out about this curse someone has put on me that specifically targets all packages being shipped to me

you're in a healthy, loving relationship, I have MULTIPLE younger men I met at techno clubs hitting me up in my DMs we are not the same

pernilla can have little a cold shoulder from her mother. as a maladaptive coping mechanism.

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