Depression symptom: browsing Zam barrett final sale section

getting drunk and telling people they NEED to listen to radiohead - palo alto

Say what you will about the brits but they really snapped when they made rhubarb and custard hard candy

You ever wake yourself up by hearing yourself talk in your sleep?? Wtf

Going on a date with a reductress writer. Don't like the odds of something I do ending up as a post there

I did not make the salad which is why it is not in the photo

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I had a dream where someone PMd me on old care tags and offered to sell me nanamica pants for $25 but the picture wouldn't load

Was it someone on here who was preaching the good word about lap cheong? because holy shit

I'm never using a psu with non-modular cables again. Holy shit this is so much nicer

I had a dream I found the perfect ocean scent

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