honestly in 2021 if ur some1 whose interests r purely in fashion im not taking u seriously

probably just bc i grew up in a more heavily taiwanese area tho idk

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unfortunately tho i also feel like a lot of the phrasing and vocabulary are more beijing putonghua influenced than the guoyu i learned

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i tried out a hsk 6 chinese exam out of curiousity and other than the classical literature references its really not hard

miss the days of owen wilson saying “front salad back salad front blunt”

guys, help!! how many tshirts do we have to sell to end racism??

if ur dim sum lady doesnt ever make u question who u r

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atlanta shootings rly making some aapi piblicly confront their identity like bruh

blake mills & pino & sam gendel track on repeat... slaps... gendel's polyphonic sax is always so good

10 monkee together more powerful than 1 monkee

but why 1 jeff bezos monkee more powerful than 1 million monkee

im just salty that i get paid pennies compared to data scientists

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data scientist, or: look mom, i know udergraduate cone programming

clubhouse is a voluntary teleconference meeting

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