when you have to be vegan and also snobbish about your tacos because you come from socal

levain bread from my starter culture whose name is “yeastie boys”

and how tf do you get sweden mixed up with spain!!! ive heard switzerland and sweden but never spain lol


my federal background investigator is everything wrong with america

might have been the best recording dver if not for the french clap, this bass player really locked into the groove


music festivals, drugs, and flared pants are also a big deal so im gonna go ahead and say we’re repeating history

this seems vaguely reminiscent of mccarthyism and eastern bloc scientists in 1960s space race

may not pass my security clearance for nasa artemis because im ethnically chinese and also hold staunchly anti-authority views

french audiences are the worst... clapping on all beats and ruining the groove

wonder how the idea of tenancy and rent came about. time to research

we incentivize productivity by aggravating fear and anxiety of not being able to afford rent and basic necessities

and the ppl who can afford these (and more) profit off the productivity of ppl who cant

damn dude

couldnt sleep at all last night because i was thinking about how fucked up the system is

does being a member of the EU imply you have no rhythm whatsoever or why cant these germans in front of me clap in time on 2 and 4

as i get more into diy stuff i begin to see the beauty of 12 inches to a foot. it becomes incredibly easy to divide lengths into half, third, and quarters. you ever try to measure out 333.3333333 millimeters???

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