scorpio intuition means i'm always right but i don't know how to express it

i love car free living but car free in the US is so dummy inconvenient

Getting Satisfaction From People Dunking On Bon Appetit

not many other fields (if any at all outside of, idk, epistemology) overcome metaphysical blindness in the contemporary age of specialisation lol

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metamathematics as a field of mathematical logic lol

elites dont care about anything other than protecting their wealth and it becomes more and more obvious

this is basically manipulating but yea betcha that no one is going to get prosecuted for it

how many economists have actually read das kapital lol

"It could be summed up in the phrase, "production by the masses, rather than mass production.""

thank u this is so poignant

3 stages of quarantine:

1. grief
2. bread
3. revolution

might have to pull an alexandre grothendieck / grigori perelman move and hermit myself

EF schumacher on economies of scale and buddhist economics

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stability is an illusion when it exists without robustness. without robustness, a society, at the slightest perturbation, can disappear within an instant

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stable does not imply robust — and biological and historical sources may incline us to believe that large-scale systems can be stable, but lack the robustness found in the small-scale

man tankies on twitter are really something else lol

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