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I knew we were fucked the day they drew a little mask on the weather frog cartoon

Why do they call them Electric Vehicles when they are cars.

When I drink a coffee and spend 4 hours setting up an obscure emacs minor mode, that's the real me.

I do some of my best work when I'm anxious. I get much more verbally dexterous. Like I do a lot of zingers at the dentist's.

Does anyone have any protein shaker recommendations? Everyone in my office has identical Huel ones and it's hard to tell which is mine! Haha

So great to get back to the gym! Lots of familiar faces from pre lockdown, excited to reconnect with the community by not making eye contact or acknowledging each other on any level

Yeah but have u ever actually been inside a B&M Home Bargains? If not your argument is invalid lol

I'm so emotionally destroyed that I well up with tears when I thank the IT support guy for closing my ticket.

If Jeff Bezos died in a space crash who would actually be surprised if it was revealed revealed that he'd left all his money to a six year old clone of himself that he's kept hidden and been raising in secret?

Some people stop being cool, but no one ever tells them and they never realise, and they walk around, haunting our reality with their uncoolness.

People act like Amazon's checkout is "great design" but the lack of friction just encourages you to make mistakes in your order (I was ordering work stuff)

What the fuck is "emergency maintenance" of continuous integration infrastructure? Was someone going to die if their unit tests didn't run? Give me a break.

can't believe I'm basically sysadmin for a baby pics web album now. How did this happen

Most of the time if something needs "more diversity and representation" it actually needs "to be destroyed"

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