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Some people stop being cool, but no one ever tells them and they never realise, and they walk around, haunting our reality with their uncoolness.

People act like Amazon's checkout is "great design" but the lack of friction just encourages you to make mistakes in your order (I was ordering work stuff)

What the fuck is "emergency maintenance" of continuous integration infrastructure? Was someone going to die if their unit tests didn't run? Give me a break.

can't believe I'm basically sysadmin for a baby pics web album now. How did this happen

Most of the time if something needs "more diversity and representation" it actually needs "to be destroyed"

Heey what is up guys today I'm going to do some basic undergraduate level marxist analysis of some popular culture, by the end i'll either condemn OR exonerate the media based on whether I personally enjoy it, with all that said, let's get to it

If you find a wild mushroom 🌱🌿🍄🌱🌿 it's always best to eat it 😋🍽️ 👍 although many mushrooms are inedible or poisonous 💀☠️☠️ 🚫 some have psychedelic properties 😵🥴🌞 and it's not worth risking missing out on a potential trip just to safeguard your material body‼️‼️🤯💥🆙🌄😎🕶️◾▪️

Straight guy fashion is like 80% boutique closures (BOA, Fidlock, bougie zip brand, "corozo nut buttons", Temple bead (TM)) and 20% making the fabric name as long as possible.

Back in the office and trying to come to terms with the sense of loss at my giant monitors being taken away, my ergonomic wireless keyboard gone missing, my chair settings all confounded and wrong. A sadness and a sadness at the sadness.

I'm Marcel Proust and welcome to Jackass.

Longtemps, je me suis couché de bonne heure. Parfois, à peine ma bougie éteinte, mes yeux se fermaient si vite que je n'avais pas le temps de me dire: «Je m'endors.» Et, une demi-heure après, la pensée qu'il était temps de chercher le sommeil m'éveillait; je voulais poser le volume que je croyais avoir encore dans les mains et souffler ma lumière; je n'avais pas cessé en dormant de faire des réflexions sur ce que je venais de lire, mais ces réflexions a

Getting rid of this ARCHIVAL M70 Alpenflage jacket + matching backpack. for the cost of postage. But it weighs 2.5kg so.

It fits about size M

Reading about the third battle of Newbury, an attempt to stop the Newbury bypass being built. (Spoiler: they built it, traffic levels rose, Newbury is still gridlocked)

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