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Only costume I've ever worn. A couple of people got it but many didn't. I was walking past a crappy club when some kids milling around recognised me and started chanting "Doom, Doom, Doom". I raised a fist and they all cheered. It felt good.

Instead of getting back into daily meditation I'm going to get into daily cleaning the sink.

Remember when dystopian TV shows would use the name straps and presenters from the actual news to present their apocalyptic stories. Everything right now feels like that.

I also put all the text game type things I made this year on one page, in case you missed any of them:

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Finished a final twine game for this year. Mostly as an exercise in using a slightly different story format.

Gave myself quite a large gift this christmas. Totally last minute and unplanned, but it has been a pretty tough year and I just thought I owed it to myself to celebrate making it through, so I logged out of Instagram.

Talking to me when I'm on the internet is like picking up a rock and screaming at the insects underneath it.

Can you not see I'm ON THE INTERNET? Where I LIVE?

White people should lie to their children about Santa being real because knowing he wasn't was one of the only things that gave me a feeling of calm superiority when I was 9 years old.

I finished another text game. It's considerably longer (30 minutes?) and more polished than the ones I made previously!

Themes include Objects and Friendship. Starring @p3rn

If you play it let me know!

Owning a cat is like "there's an animal that shits in my house but it does it in the same spot so it's ok"

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