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what are books that were really important to your development?

for me,

audre lorde's 'sister outsider'
bell hooks's 'feminist theory from margin to center'
stefano harney & fred moten's "the undercommons'

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Recherche du Temps Perdu is 3000 pages long and is literally about 3 things:

* Wanting things but finding that when you get them you don't want them anymore.
* Remembering things but realising your memories are unreliable.
* Being horny.

The thing to remember about embracing domesticity is that it's a one way gradient. Once you've descended a distance towards it making your way back out is a much harder journey; People seldom tell you that they used to stay in but now, they go out.

We were heading into the teenage girlification of the world. Seeking honest, close friendships, becoming politically active and learning new dance moves, but the virus has plunged us into an adolescent male reality of poor hygiene and computer games.

The data layers we summed on top of reality now the only parts of it left.

Unicode name for backslash sounds like a Metal Gear Solid character who dies and comes back as a masked ninja.

Would never wish ill health on another human being but boris called my mom a letterbox so actually I am glad he has cov.

Can someone model how the disease would spread if we banned skiing and second homes?

Class warfare is spreading the idea that this tragedy could have been averted if people who went skiing washed their hands.

Whenever the male half of a straight couple says "And I do the washing up!" ask them what else they do because doing the washing up is not on the same order of magnitude as doing the cooking.

Am I bothered about having to change my plans? I've been saying inshallah after every plan I make for the last 20 years so nah, I was ready for his.

I need to say something because the way things are looking people are going to start asking questions very soon: For the last two months I have been telling people I was going to grow my hair long "Like Dev Patel." It is nothing to do with lockdown.

"I was as wretched as if I had just lost a friend, had died to myself, had broken faith with the dead or repudiated a god" - Proust talking about how it felt to drive away from some trees

My current routine is to not read any terrible information until just before I go to bed and to then read it all, "as a treat"

Content right now is either "This study from Bighead University proves that everyone is going to die and the government is doing the wrong thing, a must read." or "Here funny cat."

Hi can someone restore a sense of normality to my life thanks.

White guy with dreads in the food co-operative yelling at the staff about why the shelves weren't full.

It's a rapidly changing situation but I want everyone who consumes my content to know that I am closely following the advice and guidelines issued by the government and as a result I am completely losing my shit.

When will they introduce not working from home.

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