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At the start of this year I bought all 4 volumes of In Search Of Lost Time. So far I have only finished one volume and it is boring as shit. A total COVID shutdown is the only chance I have of finishing this stupid novel, and is as such, essential.

I'm glad I'm not a drifting, artistic type, with no security but creative freedom, because they probably get depressed and find themselves wishing they had a stable tech job, and that's probably the only thing worse than having a stable tech job.

are there any computer games? to play? only good games please.

The system is not negatively affected by ruptures like this, market crashes, extinctions, natural disasters, wars, it absorbs them into its structure making it stronger than it was before.

I get a vibe that some people think that enforced home working will lead to some kind of positive paradigm shift but home working is just part of the system that seeks to entirely destroy the delineation between personal and corporate space/time.

The fact that the past looked more futuristic than the present tells you everything you need to know.

They win by making you feel that there's so little room for you to manoeuvre that the only space left is on their side, fighting against your self.

My weed pen fell out of my pocket in the mosque but one of the uncles picked it up for me alhamdolilah.

For my birthday I'm going to ask people to tell me what they think of me.

What if life is just a graph search question
on a whiteboard in an interview for nerds?

Has anyone else just started working at the International Association of Amateur Virologists or is it just me?


Mirror mirror on the wall, what if I was jacked and tall.

The sun is out! Quick! Experience joy before it goes away!

Actually been a while since I last had a headache tbh.

Complete crisis in the office because one of the nerds crunched the numbers and found out that all of our story estimations are so inaccurate that we would have the same predictive power if we estimated everything as a 3.

Can't stop thinking about this. Telling everyone I speak to about it. 1797!

You ever get depressed in the gym and you get into the bottom of a squat and it's like why stand up again. I can live with the weight down here. It seems fine.

In 1797 Paul I issued a manifesto granting Russian serfs a three day week and prohibiting work on a Sunday. Happy Monday!

Today the bus driver said thank you to me for using the bus.

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