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Singing the "Bin Song" (Throw it in the bin, throw it in the bin, take everything that you can see and throw it in the bin)

I daily fantasise about unlocking my twitter and going triple platinum viral.

If you photograph a miniature object, you get a very shallow depth of field.

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makeing jokes on line... drinking coffee.... it’s another day...... i love it...

Long grain rice can fuck off honestly the grains aren't even that long I don't need this shit today

People used to say "That should be a tumblr" but now people say "This could be a podcast"

If anyone has any spare Burts Bees could they send it to my office thanks.

I don't trust the energy of people who use the word "beloved"

I'm interested in a journal thats extremely dead against interdisciplinary thinking.

Hahahahahaha remember when the bad guys won hahahahahaha and we had to live in their world for perpetuity hahahaha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

I LOVE eating BAD FOOD and VISITING RACIST TOWNS! That's why I like to go on E N G L A N D

How come Adam Driver isn't cancelled even though he was in the army and he loves the army? Seems weird.

If you quit all the things that harm you all that happens is you generate more surplus value for your employer.

The fact Slack doesn't have a mode to make it appear that you're online when you aren't shows that it's designed by cops.

Contemplating some new twitter/mastodon personas in 2020:
- Person who has a job and posts about their "industry"
- Current affairs jokes
- Hot person

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we all seem to agree that it can be used to make "statements" but what are the other potential illocutionary forces of fashion? can you ask questions, make requests, greet, apologize, congratulate? this started as a joke idea in my head but actually now i want to read a full analysis of fashion through the lens of speech act theory

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