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It's important to remember that any jokes I make about my life after the climate apocalypse are just that: jokes. I fully intend to die at the first sign of trouble.

I really hate Cultist Simulator and feel like a better use of my time would just be actually studying the occult.

From now on I don't want anyone to talk to me about minimalism unless they only drink water. Anything else is just a needless complication that distracts us from what's really important.

It's cool to claim to be a minimalist but have the most decadent and elaborate coffee routine, that's what I've learned.

Sad that Game Of Thrones is ending? You might like these other Netflix series:
- Lord Of The Rings
- Marvel Avengers
- Harry Potter Series
- Star Wars

Imagine if you got into a fight with me and you kicked my ass but it turned out that I was a sensitive and creative soul and you'd deprived the world of many works of brilliance that I would have to forgoe making whilst I convalesced?

If you find an object beautiful and it has cultural status attached to it you probably don't actually think it's beautiful.

I heard that Twitter has monetised by harnessing the disappointment you feel when thy send you a notification that's just someone else's post (not a like / retweet)

The definition of a nerd is someone who becomes a worse person when somebody loves them.

If you're falling asleep in a meeting try leaning in your chair until you tip backwards. The jolt of adrenaline will wake you up as well as any espresso.

The ADHD-ification of the world through social media apps has resulted in people feeling a compulsive need to check their phones for new content every twenty minutes. Which has worked out really well for me, someone who can generate new content every twenty minutes.

Kill your heroes unless your heroes are jacked, they'll probably kick your ass.

Cyberpunk? I'm more like a depressed yuppie with a Thinkpad who uses adblock.

I live in permanent fear of finding the magic bullet that solves my life and then being extra depressed that I didn't find it earlier.

It's so beautiful to be depressed in spring and know that your unwillingness to buy an ugly lamp isn't the only thing standing in the way of you enjoying existence.

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