@onlineman under the new no cop regulations this means you are allowed to buy nanamica pants

Has anyone ever seen a study, paper, case study, that actually showed some data that would prove that software is becoming more complex?

@glyph I was just looking for a copy of this! Thanks so much. Have you read anything else about complexity recently? I'm very interested in it.

Does anyone on my network have any good articles about computing, software, the future, etc? Things like theusercondition.computer/ by @entreprecariat

@iitalics Isn't matrix deeply tied to israeli intellegence agencies or something?

At this point every bird sighting is a rare bird sighting

Santa Fe fell first
population couldn't cope with the blood thirst
hippies on the run whilst the world turned feral
in dire peril wearing tie dye apparel

Came up with this two days ago and can't get it out if my head.

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We all prepare for the part of the apocalypse we think we'll be able to survive.

hahaha i made the update work :sunglasses: :mashallah:

I failed to create a backup image before this upgrade so make extra dua

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