hahaha i made the update work :sunglasses: :mashallah:

I failed to create a backup image before this upgrade so make extra dua

Holding a baby feels kind of like being in a Jason Bourne fight scene. The gutteral screaming, the screwed up facial expressions, the way they claw at your face.

Humour and horror are meant to be deeply primordial basic human emotions but they seem to age just as rapidly as anything else. Sitcoms and horror films from the past are neither funny nor scary anymore.

@galdrakinn I mostly only use the OS maps app to find walks which I then download for my use. Perhaps you already know this but most of the time you can get very good battery life from putting the phone in Airplane mode (GPS still works). OSMand is also a nice app which is basically free. Personally I have a Garmin Etrex 20 that runs on AA batteries and it's made a big difference to my enjoyment of the outdoors. I got it on eBay and use it for bike rides + walks.

I hate that one hour of total freedom after coming home from work, cooking, eating, tidying up. That one actual hour when you could do anything you want. I hate it.

I love the smug little bullshit smile of the sunglasses emoji 😎

They're adding optimism to the DSM and removing depression + anxiety that's just how it is now.

I knew we were fucked the day they drew a little mask on the weather frog cartoon

Why do they call them Electric Vehicles when they are cars.

When I drink a coffee and spend 4 hours setting up an obscure emacs minor mode, that's the real me.

I do some of my best work when I'm anxious. I get much more verbally dexterous. Like I do a lot of zingers at the dentist's.

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