Getting rid of this ARCHIVAL M70 Alpenflage jacket + matching backpack. for the cost of postage. But it weighs 2.5kg so.

It fits about size M

Only costume I've ever worn. A couple of people got it but many didn't. I was walking past a crappy club when some kids milling around recognised me and started chanting "Doom, Doom, Doom". I raised a fist and they all cheered. It felt good.

Finished a final twine game for this year. Mostly as an exercise in using a slightly different story format.

The time of year where you hang washing outside for six hours and it doesn't get any drier.

Another text game I made. I enjoy making these and I hope the people I harass into playing them like them too. I'm going to ride my bike 440 miles in the next 6 weeks for Palestine. Please donate. It feels corny to raise money like this but Palestine is cool. here are my pictures from when I visited.

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