The sun is out! Quick! Experience joy before it goes away!

Actually been a while since I last had a headache tbh.

Complete crisis in the office because one of the nerds crunched the numbers and found out that all of our story estimations are so inaccurate that we would have the same predictive power if we estimated everything as a 3.

Can't stop thinking about this. Telling everyone I speak to about it. 1797!

You ever get depressed in the gym and you get into the bottom of a squat and it's like why stand up again. I can live with the weight down here. It seems fine.

In 1797 Paul I issued a manifesto granting Russian serfs a three day week and prohibiting work on a Sunday. Happy Monday!

Today the bus driver said thank you to me for using the bus.

I keep saying this because I keep being horrified.

If you're wondering what a guy is thinking about he's wondering if he can counteract the hair loss from steroid usage with finasteride.

I think I have to face the fact that if capitalism collapsed and society was rewritten to be just, honourable, peaceful and we all lived in harmony with nature and each other I wouldn't be able to cope with it.

Trying to rebrand myself as less of a control freak but achieving unheard of levels of control freakery as it becomes clear that "rebranding" is just what I call it when I try to control people's perception of me.

I'm excited to get this project out into the world but the Office Refuge series will now go on indefinite hiatus.

Wow Office Refuge I: Stairwell is now finally available to buy. Featuring submissions from Archibald Tsaz, Faisal Akram, Jennifer Wagtail, Josie F. Magreaux, Hogarth Balaton, Centinimos Corragin and Grace Hopper. £5 shipped

Having anxiety and watching Uncut Gems is like playing the Truck Simulator game whilst simultaneously driving an actual truck.

have you ever fallen in love with a skater
ever fallen in love
in love with a skater
ever fallen in love
in love with a skater who can't land a kickflip

The Stairwell Zine is in final review once again

Can't wait until electric cars become mainstream and we're all stuck in traffic, but the traffic is silent.

Imagine being proust and writing all the shit and being like "no that HAS to stay"

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