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One of life's only true joys, throwing a rock, beautiful once you find the right rock, heft, texture &c, ancient knowledge, mindfully throwing a rock and concentrating on its perfect arc, at one with nature, cheap, rock throwing rockthrowing r ock

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Wow Office Refuge I: Stairwell is now finally available to buy. Featuring submissions from Archibald Tsaz, Faisal Akram, Jennifer Wagtail, Josie F. Magreaux, Hogarth Balaton, Centinimos Corragin and Grace Hopper. £5 shipped

Techno people think you can have someone saying literally anything in a German accent as a sample.

March 18th: Children will be allowed to be sad in schools
May 9th: Legal to be sad without someone saying "haha lockdown blues"
June 21st: Sad in pubs and restaurants
Unconfirmed, but it may be possible to feel sad on holiday later this year.

Take time out with your partner to work on your Australian accents together, forging a strong bond.

Spending literally every second of every day thinking "surely I deserve a treat..."

Lockdown is the perfect chance to work on your australian accent.

Mastodon is like Twitter except every post has a computer acronym in it.

How come no matter how depressed you are it is always possible to fire up an image editing tool and write some text on an image. Could be a cure for depression in this if a scientist investigates.

*Unmuting mic and leaning into the laptop* Uh, yeah, can you hear me? Yeah ok-cool. So, nothing matters and I don't care about anything, that's all from me for today.

What happens to your soul after you log off. Like where does it go when you're not on computer anymore.

I miss going outside and having strangers be nice to me because I have good hair.

nooo don't dissolve away once the delayed choice quantum event I engineered to stop your parents ever meeting succeeds, making your existence in the present an impossibility ur so sexy aha

I hate it when the project I'm on at work suffers numerous catastrophic failures resulting in the entire facility being compromised and a paramilitary force being mobilised ostensibly to assist but with a proviso such as ALL PERSONNEL EXPENDABLE

I've been sitting on the floor to work for the last six months and it still isn't comfortable.

I changed my Twitter password and wrote the password on a piece of paper and put the paper in an envelope and put the envelope in a drawer.

Signal is down but I heard there's this other chat app called what's app? Let's switch to that.

If you aren't making new friends constantly you're probably just losing friends gradually and are on trend to be friend bankrupt in the near future.

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