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One of life's only true joys, throwing a rock, beautiful once you find the right rock, heft, texture &c, ancient knowledge, mindfully throwing a rock and concentrating on its perfect arc, at one with nature, cheap, rock throwing rockthrowing r ock

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Wow Office Refuge I: Stairwell is now finally available to buy. Featuring submissions from Archibald Tsaz, Faisal Akram, Jennifer Wagtail, Josie F. Magreaux, Hogarth Balaton, Centinimos Corragin and Grace Hopper. £5 shipped

Men are always saying that if you check this forum, these two facebook groups and this subreddit and you're willing to do some simple modifications/repairs yourself you can get some great bargains and it's actually not that expensive to get started.

Donated some money to the Minnesota Freedom Fund. Thanks to everyone else who posted they were donating, reminded me to do it.

I thank allah for keeping my muscles small my whole life so I always stayed humble :)

I'm a crazy motherfucker, I'm raw as shit. Just kidding, I'm sensible and have an extremely strong self filter.

New socially distanced eye test to be introduced, completely self administered. Will involve putting your family in a car and going for a 44 minute drive.

They should write more books about being inside cars.

Men don't become friends with other men we just talk to each other about mechanical systems we're both familiar with once every two months.
It's literally 7 specific things that are directly tied to the occupation of Palestinian land.

Refusing to download Zoom to take part in this wellness seminar because it is spyware.

Anyone know how many more months are there in Ramadan?

The class consciousness engendered by seeing your coworker's parent's second homes will not just disappear overnight

Honestly thought Allison Roman was a type of pasta

Ok so in this dystopic vision of the future the government kills thousands by NOT enforcing policies with deadly force

People used to take photographs of things they saw that were funny, and post them online with a comment. But as the lived world recedes into the digital, people began to comment on screenshots instead.

Optimism is starting to look like a pretty serious cognitive disorder.

One thing people are going to realise coming out of this is that if we grant ourselves the time and space to focus on being present in our households, we can take a much more active role in resetting our robot vacuums when they get stuck on doormats.

Earlier this year, I left Google to start a new platform: A pile of unopened mail that I sit on and cry.

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