Who's worse

White people who do yoga and really go for the spiritual aspect, say namaste, talk about chakras etc


White people who do yoga and are really chauvinist about how they HATE the spiritual aspect and think it's frou frou nonsense.

youtube.com/watch?v=u9VMfdG873 song of the decade!!! Listened to this banger through the good times and the bad! It has always been there for me!

I think my midlife crisis is finally getting going but it won't be clear until spring (impossible to assess until its not dark at 3.30)

Every victory overshadowed by a greater horror. Every horror so vast as to make any compensation irrelevant.

I feel like someone gave me a car but I don't want to drive anywhere.

I very seldom feel as smart as I think I'm meant to be.

I think the only pleasure still available to most people is that which is found in running for a train you aren't worried about missing.

My mom is always like "Your friends will all desert you once they get lives of their own!" as though my family hasn't already deserted me a thousand times already lmao.

"Oh! Ahab," cried Starbuck, "not too late is it, even now, the third day, to desist. See! Moby Dick seeks thee not. It is thou, thou, that madly seekest him!"

Vegan Magnum Vegan is the new Champagne Socialist

Guys at jobs love to fucking look over the top of their monitors and take their headphones off and tell you something you really couldn't give less of a shit about.

I think SAD lamps could be the next mechanical keyboard craze. Imagine depressed losers getting together on forums to compare specific LED manufacturers, custom fabricate facings, design firmware etc etc?

Torturing myself with the idea of a holiday from myself is exactly why I need a holiday from myself.

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